Philippine Surfers Saving Lives

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Philippine Surfers Saving Lives

Corey and Lui

Startling news came and spread around the surfing community early this week. Seasoned Filipino wave chargers Corey Wills and Lui Tortuya were having a surf session in Bataan when a drowning incident happened. The situation involved not surfers, but vacationeers who waded in current heavy waters and found themselves in the mercy of an angry post-typhoon beach.

The heroic surfers did CPR on the victims but sadly losing lives at their hands. But of the 4 who were drowning 2 lives were fortunately saved. But in the case of a father and a local fisherman, things were too late even though Corey and Lui gave their best to resuscitate them. The incident was televised in the news but there wasn’t a mention of the surfers.

Gubat Bay Surfers

Over a month ago a similar case happened at Gubat, Sorsogon. Our recently featured Gubat Bay Surfers were able to save a drowning girl who was swept away by a rip current. Unfortunately, a drowning boy wasn’t so lucky. Read about it below.

thanks to Bidge Viallarroya for the scan

Ocean Safety

As a country surround by waters, stories of drowning are plenty with each seaside province having a collection of unfortunate events. Most beaches especially the secluded, non-commercialized ones don’t have lifeguards on duty. One could only rely on nearby onlookers and residents as the first line of aid in case an event arises. There isn’t a surfer with a sturdy surfboard hanging around all the time and like in the first case above, not even local fishermen can stand against the ocean.

Prevent danger. Do not swim in current heavy waters. Do not underestimate the sea. What may sometimes look calm on the surface may just be the exact opposite underneath. Do not risk yours and someone else’s life. Always swim in sight of an able adult and listen to your body. If you feel being swept, if you can’t move your legs, if you can’t swim back to shore anymore then you shout for help. Don’t panic, wave your arms and shout for help as loud as you could.

Water Safety Training

Lui Tortuya, also a lifeguard who trained people, posted a note on his Facebook planning and encouraging a water safety seminar:

“Im planning a series of seminars which Im trying to do in coordination with the RED CROSS that will address this so that we can come up with a emergency action system for surfers the will include CPR as well as basic water safety. Im trying to make it free if we can get someone to sponsor the cost of RED CROSS and other small things. These seminars will address emergency situations in remote areas as well as populated areas where we surf. These will be open seminars so we can collectivly pinpoint and address our specific needs and resources we have at hand to ensure that we never find ourselves scratching our heads while one of our friends is in trouble.”

contact him here in his Facebook.

Corey Wills on the other hand urged fellow “aquatic enthusiasts”  to do the following:

a) learn to swim WELL (especially in the ocean with waves)

b) get educated. Red Cross is a good start. Call Benjamin Delfin manager of safety service PRC 301 0300 or 527 0000 local 129. Get 10 close friends and loved ones together and do the 5 day water safety and rescue training. p700/pax for minimum of 10pax and instructor will come to you. In australia we have bronze medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate. If you are in that part of the world I highly recommend taking it. It will empower you and humble you at the same time.

c) talk to the REAL locals of the area you are attempting to surf, you never ever know what is out there and local fisherman usually know the currents and the reef formations like the back of their hands.

d) Train! Stay fit healthy, eat your veggies because fatty pork is not a clean burning fuel for the body and beef is more destructive to the environment than driving a car.

*To the surfers, much love and admiration. To the families of the victims, dearest condolences. Our prayers goes to you and everyone in your family.

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  1. […] is in Pagudpud or somewhere in Pagudpud way up north the country. first surfer in this video is Corey Wills who together with fellow surfer Lui just recently saved lives in a drowning incident. watch Corey slicing overhead waves. and watch how beautiful the place he’s surfing in is. […]

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