Save Philippine Seas

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Save Philippine Seas

We are in love with the ocean. And for something that has given us so much, what have we done to give back? Sad to say that instead of giving back, there are those who purposely take the life out of the corals and the seas for their own personal greed. Criminals. They plunder and destroy the one thing ever so valuable for our existence – Nature. It is unfortunate how now is the time more than ever that we need the resource and blessings of Nature to continue living on this planet.

Now we have got to take action. It is our duty. Help protect the Philippine seas and never again should any man rape the seas like they have done before. It’s us and the ocean against them. With unity and vigilance we can deter plunderers and alert the authorities before precious marine life get hurt.

Join the Save Philippine Seas campaign on Facebook and visit their website here. Also follow the group on twitter at @savePHseas. For those who live near the ocean please be watchful of these evil doers. The Internet is one the best medium to report and document criminal behavior. Let’s all do our part in saving our seas.

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