Baler: the Stoke Before the Storm

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Baler: the Stoke Before the Storm

Tralala-lala. Oh how crazy-tropical the Philippines is. Just when summer is at its peak a storm came out of nowhere and decided to rain on the party. Again thank you PAGASA for the accurate weather forecasting. And after the Bicol Region was battered by Typhoon Bebeng, the furious storm went up the map and made landfall at Aurora on May the 9th. Check out this video here to see how strong the storm was.

Now two days BEFORE the storm landed, wow oh wow there was no sign of this imminent disturbance. Just ask Pat Portes of as she was taking action shots at the Sabang beach break. It was an awesome day at Baler. Glassy shoulder, head high to overhead waves were spewing and local and non-local surfers caught all the stoke they could get. Taken on May 7th to the 8th, here are some pictures that shows Baler the stoke before the storm.

huwow come on!

yun set sa likod, naman.



whatta snap

our friend Nalds

solid pake

Saddam on a fish

Ting on a bottom turn. Nice set coming at the back.

oh thank you Lord

si pake humahabol ng barrel

that wave is heavy and that wahine is a charger.

another heavy one

and a stick succumbs to the wave’s power

which is all part of the stoke

boom! someone’s not yet done

a goofy on a long right-hander

another right-hander, head high

and yet another right-hander, over-head!

and let’s end with the familiar Sabang beach break back ground

It is very painful to take that we weren’t able to be at Baler last week. This is the kind of stuff we shouldn’t miss out. Glassy, unbroken waves very suitable for practice and to just have fun (but we’ll probably have to pass on the overhead ones). Stoked nonetheless just looking at the pictures. Massive thanks to Pat Portes of Whiskey Hill for sharing the stoke. We owe you big time 🙂

The storm has now calmed and safe to say there isn’t much damage on Aurora. But another storm is said to come and PAGASA has said that in weeks the rainy season is about to start. So much for summer. On one hand that’s bad news because storms brings floods and brownouts. On the other hand, storms bring waves! Now I’m pretty sure every surfer is on the lookout for the forecast. So until then, we have this post to satisfy our thirst!

*forecast for this week doesn’t look good 🙁


  1. Ting says:

    woohoo nakasinget!

  2. lokalsoul says:

    birthday surf eh

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