Majestics by the Moonlight

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Majestics by the Moonlight

Majestics is the pride of Catanduanes with the renowned spot lashing out powerful breaks that lie below a shallow reef  producing exhilarating barrels. Famous globally, Majestics at Puraran Beach also has a reputation of being merciless as only the advanced surfer brave to paddle its heavy waves – a wipeout here can get pretty ugly. Tenacious surf indeed, the thrill of surfing here is what perhaps drives local and international surfers to travel Catanduanes again and again.

But with tenacity aside, Majestics wouldn’t get its name just for the waves. The place is simply beautiful. Alvin Pura, a well traveled and seasoned surfer, went recently to Puraran and took pictures at night using only the moon as light source. The result? A nocturne grandeur.

shots were taken around 8pm to 10pm

dark water and stars

line of whitewash can be seen

night looks like day

soaking the moonlight

the majestics

calm waters at 10pm

a good night

Majestics is one of our top Philippine surf destinations. This made us more wanting to visit Catanduanes very soon. Many thanks to Alvin for sharing his photos to us. There are tons of travel blogs and websites that have nothing but praises to the beauty this part of Catanduanes. If you ever get the chance to visit Puraran, please do not hesitate to wow us with your photos.

*read more about the beauty of Majestics and Puraran Beach below:

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