The Mati Slide, Glide and Flight

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The Mati Slide, Glide and Flight

Dahican beach in Mati, Davao Oriental is an amazing stretch of pure and fine white sand shore with blue green crystal waters that opens out to the Pacific Ocean. Popular with its breathtaking scenery, Dahican is also home to a sea turtle sanctuary wherein snorkeling in its pristine waters might give a glimpse of the revered Pawikan. Glorious sunrise and sunsets, Dahican Beach is indeed one of the many paradise beaches we have in our beautiful country.

Wait wait wait a minute. I think I missed something. Oh right. Dahican, is also where you’ll find sick aerial-upside down-grab the board while in the air-spray that sh!t-down the line-flip the ollie-wrap around the backside-I don’t know the terms anymore- hardcore-oh my Lord is that even possible-too fast too furious SKIMBOARDERS in the Philippines. I may be exaggerating but whew, these guys are awesome. Take a look at some photos shared to us.

this is a runway

to flight!

and local Bayogyog Aporbo gets big air!

yes sir

head over skim

awesome photo by Dylan Uy, stolen from his Flickr. peace man.



the spray and the flare


playing in the clear Dahican waters

sand trickery

and yes, SURF is UP!

Ok we have to stop. Our blog hosting storage will run out of space if we continue.

These pictures were shared to us by Kharmel Castro thru the Amihan sa Dahican Skim Facebook page. You gotta add them up. When we saw the pictures, our jaw dropped and we knew we just had to feature Dahican in LokalSoul. Some of the photos were shot just during the Holy Week while some were taken from their album archives. There are tons of great stuff from Kharmel’s album. She knows Dahican very well as she is one of the officers of Amihan sa Dahican and she’ll be great company whenever you visit Mati.

Amihan sa Dahican is a skim and surf group that organizes events such as skim competitions, skim camps and beach cleanups.  There is also the Amihan team who are very passionate about skimboarding as they nourish the Mati youth with the right lifestyle that goes with the sport. Visit their website here to find out more about the Amihan Boys.  We are now a fan of them.

*More power to Amihan and more power to our national skimboarders! We will be sending two of our best skimmers to an International event pretty soon. Stay tuned we will be posting about that. Peace out and please share the good vibes!

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