Tereze Lumdang is a 6-year old prodigy of Philippine Surfing

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Tereze Lumdang is a 6-year old prodigy of Philippine Surfing

At first glance Tereze looks just like your average 6 year old. You know. Kids who live for cartoons and loves to their Disney princesses, midgets who never stop running around, little people who won’t eat anything else besides hotdog and spaghetti. Also one thing for sure, 6 year olds love nothing else but to play and play all day. Well when we met Tereze, she clearly wasn’t the typical and she blew our minds with her own version of “play time”.

See this little wonder with the cutest smile is already surfing the spots of La Union and Baler and as of today, Tereze emerged as CHAMPION at the recent 3rd Baler Beginners Suf Competition! You know what grade she’s in? She’s only in Kinder 2!

photo courtesy of Pongky Gozun

Tereze first wowed the community when her surfing was captured in an official photo for the MSA Costume Surf Competition held in La Union last February. Check that out above. For adults that wave is like shoulder to head high. For Tereze, that’s definitely overhead. Overhead waves at six years old. What was I doing when I was six? Probably pooping my pants.

We were happy to see Tereze in Baler last weekend. When we got out to check the waves in the morning, there she was practicing with everyone else. She has someone with her, making sure she gets the right wave and that she comes back to the lineup safely. Tereze takes all she can get. Big waves, small waves it doesn’t matter (although she prefers big waves). Here’s a sequence we took of Tereze surfing . (we hope that by now dear reader, you already know that we are that poor to buy any decent camera lens).

the current was strong that day, but that didn’t stop the young wahine

up close near the shore


And look, with her at Baler is Jeff dela Torre, winner of the 7th Chapter Rimat Ti Amianan Surf Comp in La Union last year (in photo). She has also been taught by La Union greats such as Lemon, Bilmar and Eping Esquivel. Now if you are learning from these prolific local surfers, you are probably on the right track.

Later in the day Tereze joined the beginner’s competition by Surfari and Mahdox surf shop and went on to win the Women’s singles division! The crowd was cheering loudly at this little wonder as she surfed her way to the top of her heat.

A bit of background told by John, Tereze’s dad, as we were chatting with him at the beach. It was 2009 when Tereze was in Bacnotan playing with a body board. She clearly loved the waves and the ocean. Ever since then, well, the idea of surfing clinged to Tereze pretty hard. She then tried and practiced in San Juan and in Bacnotan as her family moved to La Union from Manila because of her parent’s work. When it comes to raising their children, John and his wife Estern wants to steer the kids away from the superficiality of television and encourages outdoor sports instead. Their children have their own sport of choice and as for Tereze, surfing it is.

with her Ate’s in the Women’s single heat

already a champion at 6 years old

with a loving and supportive family, no doubt Tereze will further excel in the sport that she loves. truly a wonder in this generation. as for her studies, it’s all good. kid is smart way over her age.

and on that note. Tereze says peace out!

(photo courtesy of her tita, Eve Antonio)

We’ll definitely see Tereze more. If she continues to pursue her surfing, imagine what kind of game she’ll have in the future. At the bus stop on our way home we asked her what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer? SURFING. She didn’t say she wants to be a great surfer, but she said that she just wants to be surfing. High five kid!

Nothing but love and best wishes for Tereze and her family.

*some photos taken from her Facebook.


  1. erin says:

    Great post! πŸ™‚ we all loved Tereze in Baler! ;D

  2. arlene_5s says:

    I love this. Great write up too tj πŸ™‚ GO Tereze, my respects! πŸ™‚

  3. `chingching says:

    kudos ate therese… go..go..go..great…

  4. gill_largoon says:

    nice article. tereze is so adorable. =)

  5. tita katt says:

    galing galing! congrats therese and specially mommy tetern! so proud of you raising a super kid!

  6. TITA MIMI says:

    wow!!! Amazing!!!! Ang galing galing naman ni Tereze!!! Congrats also to her proud parents!! πŸ˜‰

  7. john says:

    tj..keep it up… tnx for your support to kids who love the sport..tereze has read it ..and it took quite a time.. but she was happy.. after the reading effort…more power .. cheers..

  8. lokalsoul says:

    haha JOhn. i’m glad Tereze has read it. thank you for the kind words. more power as well. cheers!

  9. Jose says:

    Got to meet her and her dad in Baler during the Beginner’s comp…such an adorable and aggressive li’l girl! I’m glad He-Man didn’t distract her and make her wipeout on that double overhead wave πŸ™‚

    Congratulations Tereze! Keep it up!

  10. lokalsoul says:

    hahaha. Kayo should’ve won the costume comp!

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  12. tina says:

    OMG, I met her too and Ive seen her ride, natunganga na lang ako πŸ™‚

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