The Photography of Moonshine and Saltwater

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The Photography of Moonshine and Saltwater

Surf photography in the Philippines is rare stuff even as a hobby let alone a serious effort. It is only done by a handful of passionate individuals who wants to capture the essence of the surfing highlighting the skills of our very own local surfers while amplifying the beauty of our surf spots. Lately we have been seeing great surf photos here on LokalSoul contributed by surfers and non-surfers alike and we love them all. Any photo of  Philippine surfing is a gem to us. But talking about individuals, there is one photographer that really stands out.

Enter Jeff Ganuelas and the Moonshine and Saltwater photography

in photo: marven



Jeff is based in La Union and he can be frequently seen surfing in Urbiztondo and Car-rille. Obviously, when he isn’t surfing he produces electrifying  surf photography that leaves one’s mouth gaping in the awesomeness of the images. Kinda how my jaw is dropped right now looking at the tubes above. But wait, there’s more…




See, these are La Union locals that you’ve probably met and seen surfing at the beach break or at the Point . You know they’re really good, but the Moonshine and Saltwater photos makes them really goddamn good. And in our opinion, this is also one thing aside from many others what our talented locals need. Aside from the exposure and opportunities a photo can bring, although this may sound self-indulgent, these types of shots makes an individual – and this applies in any sport- more confident and hungry for excellence.

And speaking of excellence, the viewing wouldn’t be complete without shots of awesome La Union longboarding!

lemon in a photo of epic proportions



idol Junior


and Jeff above is an awesome longboarder too.

and pretty much the photographer, shirtless on the extreme right, is friends with everyone

There are tons more of where this pictures came from. What we posted doesn’t even scratch the surface of Moonshine and Saltwater photography. Aerials, hang-fives and hang-tens, overheads and barrels, they are all here at the Moonshine and Saltwater Facebook page. Click the link and find more awesome pictures there.

photo of Jeff by Angel Villanueva courtesy of Ely Cresensio aka Attornz

Jefferson Ganuelas offers photography services to anyone for a minimal cost. Contact him at 0927-417-3073 and add him on Facebook here. If ever you are in La Union whether you may be  a beginner, advanced surfer or even a Pro surfer you should definitely have your session documented by Moonshine and Saltwater. And with that being said, check out the stoked chic below.

Jeff shoots with a Nikon and with a sort of lens and gadgets. Moonshine and Saltwater photography everyone. Amazing photos of La Union surfing, amazing photos of Philippine surfing. These photos are too good to just scroll by. Please like and go let your friend see this. Thank you.

and hey, dude even takes pictures underwater! (photo by Nel Capila)

*huge thanks  to Jeff for trusting us with his work. action shots all credits to Moonshine and Saltwater taken by Jeff and/or by his friends for Moonshine.

SURFERS in order of appearance

barrel shots

Marven Abat

Anthony Valdez

Tanjung Fietas


Jay-Ar Esquivel (all three)

longboard (mga idol)

Lemon Dines

Moro Gandawali

Marie Aquino

Junior Ventura

Ian Saguan

Jeff Ganuelas



  1. lem says:

    i think it’s marie aquino…. not angel…

  2. lokalsoul says:

    oh yeah it’s Marie! totally skipped of my mind while writing it. to think i proofread again and again. thanks Lem!

  3. Hannah says:

    hey! you are friends with Nel? OMG can I join you guys for surfing next time!?

  4. Lala says:

    About time that your artwork be displayed !!! Great work for the webmasters!

  5. lokalsoul says:

    @Hannah Nel from? sure let’s go surfing :p

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