Too Much Water in Liwa

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Too Much Water in Liwa

Zambales was on fire during the last days of March. Just go ask the Crystal boys and their action shots at Crystal Beach. In San Felipe, it was pretty much the same thing. When Z-land is on, it’s on. These maybe the last few swells hitting up Zamba but luckily for us Ping Danila took pictures of the waves and the action that went on, so that those of us who are at home can look at them before we play poker at or eat dinner. Taken in Liwa on March 26 and 27, the following photos posted are specially dedicated for the wave thirsty.

so gorgeous

sweet ride on the wall

cut back

ang haba



staying low

for this

great shot angle

the Liwa playground

JP on a glassy one

Many thanks to JP de Guzman for sharing the pictures. Huge credits to Ping Danila for the photos. Awesome shots man!

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  1. […] The surf in Liwa works best with swells coming from the North. And the sure fire months would probably during late November to March, as  based on the glassy drool inducing session here. […]

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