5 Reasons Why You Should Join the 3rd Baler Beginners Surf Competition

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join the 3rd Baler Beginners Surf Competition

On it’s 3rd year, the annual Baler Beginners Surf Competition is all set on April 8 to 10 at Sabang Beach Baler. It’s an exciting event that shouldn’t be missed especially those that have been wanting to surf but haven’t got to try it yet. Here at LokalSoul, we have compiled 5 reasons why you should join this event. Interested? Read on:

1. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GO SURFINGthe SURFARI team has been taking city-dwellers from all walks of life (students, young-professionals, old-professionals, adventure junkies etc.) to Baler and they provide them accommodation and surf lessons coming from the Mahdox Surf School, one of the best surf schools in Baler with the finest instructors to boast. The Sabang beach break is perhaps one of the best places to try surfing and believe me, you will never forget your first ride. Everybody needs to go surfing at least once in their life. This is that chance.

2. AT FIRST TRY, YOU GET TO JOIN A SURF COMPETITION – what? a first-timer joining a competition right away? Yes and why not! This is a beginner’s competition. Basically the tandem division consists of you and your instructor pushing you to a wave and you just have to ride it all the way to shore. That’s it. Judges give their score and you do it again until you find yourself to the finals, with your fellow beginner! And best, you might win a brand new surfboard! Now that is what Charlie Sheen calls winning! Now if you didn’t advance, hey what’s the loss in that? You get to surf and the stoke alone makes you feel like a champion.

3. PA-PA-PA-PARTEYYYY! – there is no party like a Baler party I tell you that. Here you’ll meet the friendliest (and craziest) Baler locals and you get to party at the awarding night. It’s pretty awesome to be there. And beer! We love beer.

4. OH COME ON LAZY PANTS, YOU’RE GOING TO BALER – needless to say we love Baler and there is no doubt you will too. The view of the Sierra Madre mountain range is reason enough to travel Aurora. Baler town on the other hand has the small town vibe that you’ve been yearning for. And then you get to the beach. And you see the waves. Pacific Ocean baby! Now there’s also other great places to visit like the Mother Falls, Ermita Hill and the eerie Giant Balete Tree which is said to be 600 years old. Great huh? Inside that tree lives an evil Kapre and Tikbalang with giant red eyes! What? I’m lying? Well you just have to find it out yourself.

5. THE MEMORIES WILL STAY FOREVER – yes yes yes it sounds cheesy but do me a favor. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself at the ocean. The sun is out and the water is just right. Now you ride your board and you’re standing up, you’re actually standing up. OMG I am surfing you say to yourself. The board moves you all the way to the shore and you see people and friends taking pictures of you with fancy DSLRs. OMG again you say, I’ll have awesome profile pictures on Facebook! Yes! And the crowd cheers you on. They chant your name and you shed tears of joy. OMG one more time, I will never forget this moment!

Ok seriously. You will have a great time. Why do I know this and why should you join Surfari? Because we have been part of the 2nd Baler Beginners Surf Comp last year and still to this day the stoke remains. We’ve met friends and we surf with them to this day. Being part of it means so much and I suggest you start your own beginning too. Here, take a look at some of the stoked individuals from the past event.

and of course yours truly. high five!

There is no thinking about it, this is one weekend that could change your life. Being a beginner is the start of a wonderful journey in surfing. Visit the SURFARI Facebook page for the tour packages and contact RON at 0915-488-7747 for more inquiries. Join now and get ready for a new beginning.

*kick off party tomorrow, visit their Facebook page for directions to the event.

*Picture courtesy of Darwin Zialcita of the awesome Project 85.


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