Dancehall and Skim Party Inna Nasugbu!

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Dreaming about those warm summer nights? You know. A day soaking the sun, the beach, sweet reggae music in the air and a swig of cold beer at night. What if you add skimboarding lessons and live dancehall beats to the loop? Well, stop dreaming my friend because here’s the party you’ve been waiting for…

Pagadata Skimboarding Philippines is hosting a skim clinic open to everyone. And after you get your fair share of stoke skimming the shores of Nasugbu, crowd favorites Reggae Mistress, Lady I and Papa Dom plus a great line-up of Dancehall acts will provide the irie the entire night. Now that is a beach party.

For more details, visit Pagadata’s site here and email them at Contact Imee Tengasantos for inquiries  and we’ll also keep you posted on our Facebook.

And oh, have you seen Papa U-Gee perform? Well, here’s what you’ll miss out if you won’t go.

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