Crystal Beach is Crystal Clear

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Mark Ramos of the Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales published photos of what was happening in Zambales today and yesterday. And wow. Crystal beach is being itself, crystal clear. The Crystal boys couldn’t be more stoked.

Chad says aloha


Mark’s turn, back side.

water is turquoise

lip skills


July on the other hand

has a few tricks in mind

see what I mean?

Adonis with the coolest shaka

he goes on to trim

and makes the ride more memorable

Virgel now going for the wall

cross steppin’

and loving it

Whew. Those shots just makes you wanna go pack your bags right now and head down to San Narciso. Hey, if you do wanna surf Crystal Beach, check out their Facebook page here and our how to get to Zambales guide here. Thanks to Mark for all the photos. Zambales is awesome so please spread the love!

*btw, the Crystal Boys have a Facebook fan page. haha.

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6 Responses

  1. jing says:

    hello crystal beach instructors! just realized i haven’t seen them surf. hehe dami nilang tinuturuan.

  2. ron says:

    yeah crystal boys ftw! like them on facebook!

    nice one tj! tawa ako ng tawa dito sa opisina di ako maintindihan ng mga whitey! haha this made my day!

  3. lokalsoul says:

    @Jing onga eh lagi si natuturo. nice to see them doing what they love. @Ron hahaha mga whitey ampucha :D

  4. jun says:

    love it!!!

  5. Ting says:

    pare solid jan sa crystal bumubutas \,,,/

  1. April 1, 2011

    [...] was on fire during the last days of March. Just go ask the Crystal boys and their action shots at Crystal Beach. In San Felipe, it was pretty much the same thing. When Z-land is on, it’s on. These maybe [...]

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