Days of Stoke at the 6th MSA Cup

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Days of Stoke at the 6th MSA Cup

Lokalsoul is really happy and thankful to be part of the 6th MSA Cup held in La Union. It was two days of surfing, meeting fellow Manila surfers and watching city-based surfers compete and bring out the best of each other. Also, ice cream and costume surf competition! The mood was relaxed and the stoke can be felt in the air. Here are some images from those days of stoke.

first day march 5. surf comp was set at the little surfmaid resort.

oh this looks familiar. hehey!

view from the tower

conditions were great. and it was even bigger than this.

trophies await the winners

day 2 march 6. costume surf competition was held on the beach break, in front of Kahuna resort.

competitors and judges area, with Joncy at the mic

MSA guys Lorenzo and Buji as Mr T. and Aladdin

Fred Flintstone and Smurfette

under the competitors tent, some of the Power Rangers await their heat

Turtle and Jasmine as Tarzan and Jane

now it may seem all fun and games

it was also competitive

and comp director Mia, in ranger mode, likes it

our friends Ting, Roby, Ranina and Melden

Reefer, who played great music the night before, hanging out at the beach with a local

It was a weekend to remember, much very much so to yours truly. This is the first event our humble blog is a part of and what an event it was. Much thanks to the lovely Mia Sebastian and to the rest of the Manila Surfers Association. Definitely looking forward to next year’s MSA Cup.

6th MSA Cup Winners

Men’s Shortboard Division
Winner: JP Sarmiento
1st Runner-up: Buji Libarnes
2nd Runner-up: Bjorn Pabon
3th Runner-up E.J Ventura

Women’s Shortboard Division
Winner: Nikki Dela Paz
1st Runner-up: Lalai Lopez
2nd Runner-up: Lorraine Lapus
3rd Runner-up: Tin Terrible

Men’s Longboard Division
Winner: Chris Watkins
1st Runner-up: Buji Libarnes
2nd Runner-up: Philip Santiago
3rd Runner-up: Turtle Medel

Women’s Longboard Division
Winner: Carla Sebastian
1st Runner-up: Lorraine Lapus
2nd Runner-up: Nikki Dela Paz
3rd Runner-up: Nicola Sebastian

Beginner’s Division
CHAMPION: Paraiso Bautista
1st Runner-up: Kevin Sawit
2nd Runner-up: Matatag Bautista
3rd Runner-up: Paco Borromeo

BOOM! Now that’s an action shot. Check out more of this at the StokedInc Facebook page and visit the Manila Surfers Association Facebook page here.


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  3. Elaine Abonal says:

    This was a really good event! The costume comp was so much fun. I hope more Manila surfers would join the fun and be part of the group. Everyone’s welcome and everyone is friendly so hopefully there will be more and new people next time! xoxo

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