letters to lokalsoul: Stranded in Northern Samar, Where to Surf?

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letters to lokalsoul: Stranded in Northern Samar, Where to Surf?

email sent on Feb 17


I’m Angeline (Jing for short), a surfing enthusiast from Manila. I’ve been following your blog since June. It’s good that there’s a local surf blog I can refer to whenever I miss the waves and makes me feel the sudden urge to leave my day job (hahaha), so thank you. I enjoy reading your articles.

The people I surf with are my siblings. I have an older brother and sister. I call surfing “our thing” because we share the same amount of passion in riding waves.

Anyways, my Ate went surfing in Calicoan Surf Camp last August with her friends, but she was the only one who actually went surfing. She enjoyed the waves so much. That’s why the moment I saw a 50% off Cebu Pacific promo flight to Catarman, Samar, I booked the flight right away, without knowing that I should have taken the flight going to Tacloban, Leyte instead! One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life. Errrr. x_x Ang sakit sa puso! (at sa bulsa)

Catarman to Tacloban is a 7-hour drive, so I think going to Calicoan Surf Camp is out of the question (if we do not want to waste those promo tickets, saying naman kasi.) Do you know any surf spots/resorts (with surfboard rentals) in Northern Samar? Actually, Northern Samar has a breathtaking scenery and it’s definitely worth a visit, but it would be a shame not to be able to test the waters and rides the waves.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email. Hope you could help me with my surfing dilemma. More power to you and LokalSoul! Keep up the good work.



There is hope! Although the Eastern part of Samar is where the surf is happening, check out this picture I saw online!



this is in Tamborusan beach in Catarman! check out more pictures at their Flickr page.

It seems that Tamborusan gives pint-sized waves. Good enough for a day of bodyboarding or skimboarding. Depending on a swell it might get bigger. But big enough for surfing? We really don’t have a clue. Because if there is surfing here, pictures would’ve been posted. But who knows right. Maybe there is surfing on some parts of the coastline and you will be the first from Manila to surf it! Pretty sure there’d be inns or resorts in the area. Not sure on the board rentals though.

On the other hand, you do have the option to travel from Catarman to Calicoan. It’ll be a long, long ride (Samar is big, like really really big). I guess the travel should be fun too. If you wish to go, contact Eastern Samar Surfing on Facebook or visit their website. They’ll be more than happy to assist with directions leading to Eastern Samar. Well, that’s all for now Jing. I hope we can get comments on this post. Nevertheless, Samar is worth a visit like what you said. Every travel has something magical in store for us 🙂

Thank you for the kind words and thank you for reading LokalSoul. We are so thankful for readers like you who keep the interest alive. Keep on surfing but hey! Don’t lose the day job. Who will feed our addiction to surfing?

*email Jing @ angelinecarigma@gmail.com

– TJ the Editor



  1. jing says:

    Thank you so much for posting my email! Hope this receives comments. But I’ve just learned over the weekend from a friend that her boyfriend (from Samar) knows some “surf-able” beaches in Catarman. I’ll let you know when I hear from her again. Thanks again!

  2. lokalsoul says:

    nice to know Jing. take pictures ok? and let’s post it here! have a great adventure down south 🙂

  3. abs says:

    there are nice beach break around catarman town.check at the end of the airport,its a long strech of beach.it get’s big around this time of year,just messy and strong amihan wind.i suggest you get a new good strong leash just in case you surf those beach break there.it could be powerfull.bring a booties also if you want to explore the island’s nearby.
    i surf there and the surounding island’s years ago,there is no local surfer’s by that time.some of best surf spot’s in the philippines is just around the corner.
    going to calicoan from catarman is not a good idea,it’s far and the waves is messy this time of year for calicoan is.
    go explore the unknown northeast samar and and enjoy!
    i suggest you keep it to your self if you find a new surf spot…

  4. jing says:

    thanks for the tip abs!

    finally decided to pay for rerouting and head to tacloban instead of catarman. now is not the time to be frugal. haha i’m sure i won’t regret the expenses once we get there and experience the abcd beach.

    we’re going to calicoan surf camp on the last weekend of may. 🙂

  5. lokalsoul says:

    @thank you Abs for the comment. @Jing enjoy Samar!

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