Natural Mystic: Punta, Lanuza

November 27
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Natural Mystic: Punta, Lanuza

There are some places that just strikes you as magical. You haven’t been there before, but it seems as though you really had. Maybe it was in a dream. That dream where it’s hazy and dark where the moon shines bright illuminating the tide. It’s some entrancing place you have never seen but being there feels just right. And before you can make something clear out of it, you wake up and everything’s gone. Yes, it was a dream alright.


amazing things what the night can bring

takes you places you have never seen

as the dawn breaks gently

so does rises the like-minded beings

time to live the moment

time to bask in its glory

the clouds, the sea, the rocks

a place of calmness and spirituality

somewhere only a few have seen

there is a mystic feeling of high

where the blessed waves continually break

till the moon kisses the sky

and you hope the dream never ends

but sadly, it does.

The pictures were shot at the Punta surf spot in Brgy. Sibahay in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. Sorry to be overly-poetic about it but it is true, I have dreamed of a place like this. And the photos contributed by our friend John Paul Fuentes proved that that place exists. Readers, please share this post to your friends. Who knows, maybe some of us has dreamed of the same thing.

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