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“Come near my child and let me feed thee.”

That’s Ate Josephina right there and she cooks mean Beef and Pork dishes. Her stall can be found at the famous Rolling Store of Baler located near the town plaza just beside the Baler Museum. This carinderia of a thousand delights has a colorful history to it. It is named as the “Rolling Store” because a long time ago, as the story goes, mini-stalls or food carts used to have wheels in them and they will be rolled to the spot just in time for lunch. After their food has been consumed, then it’s time to roll out and roll in again the next day. Today the stalls have remained permanent, open day and night. And also one thing that stays permanent, the food here is outrageous!

bestsellers BOPIS and PAPAITAN

the almighty LECHON PAKSIW, sauce over hot steaming rice.

pinoy Beef Steak with hefty portions of onion rings

These are few on the many must-try meals. We just don’t have pictures of Sinigang, Nilaga, Inihaw etc and etc. Now they would seem ordinary since we eat these in the confines of our own kitchen, but there is something about Baler cooking that make food extra-ordinary like you’ve never tasted them before. Viands usually sell for P35 and a cup of rice for P7. You will be served with savory hot soup and just add an extra P10 for a sweet ripe banana. That will definitely get you going for the rest of your afternoon surf session.

No Baler surf session will be complete without a stop at the Rolling Store. Only a P10 tricycle ride from Sabang Beach, this is where surfers everybody goes to fill their grumbling stomachs. 24/7 and always delicious, to the Rolling Store we go!

Baler boys Jomar and Ianjay together with the Agos Pilipinas crew at the Rolling Store

*thanks Agos and Bea Vega for the pics 🙂


  1. ADRIAN says:

    Ordinary pinoys luv to eat in rolling stores & carinderias(a.k.a “kitchenette” in QC.)Especially ‘pag lunchbreak ng mga empleyado & ng mga nagtitipid.Tinetake-out pa minsan ang 1 order na ulam & 2 kanin kung tinatamad magluto sa bahay. Para sa mga nag-ooffice,ito ang gusto nilang lunch,”lutong bahay”.Lalo na kung sawang-sawa ka na sa fastfood tulad ng Jollybee & McDo every lunchbreak.ROLLINGS STORES is not just 1 of our pinoy’s colorful life & history,it’s also 1 of the ideas of microeconomics.ROLLINGS STORES are here to stay “forever”,aside from its “sumptious” meal, but also helped common pinoys to rise oneself from poverty. 😉

  2. lokalsoul says:

    wow great comment Adrian. I myself is a regular at the Jolli-jeeps of Makati when I worked there :p

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