MSA Siege of Baler: The AFTERMATH

Philippine National Surfing Convention 2010
November 19
November 27
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MSA Siege of Baler: The AFTERMATH

It was over a hundred years ago when Filipino revolutionaries attacked a colonial Spanish fortress in an event that will forever be known as the Siege of Baler. It is carved deep in history and eternally a part of this town’s colorful background. Now a century later, as fate would have it, another siege happened on the days of November 13 to 14 2010. The Manila Surfer’s Association landed on Baler shores all up in arms. However, it’s a different battle this time. This time it’s festive, this time it’s a gathering. This time it’s a celebration of Baler’s natural blessings. This time it’s a surf competition — the Siege of Baler: Isa Para Kay Pake.

D-Day – 11/13/10 – Sabang Beach – 8:00 am

the competitors

ASRAI judges on the tower

mixed beginners heat

Bri draws first dibs

Mark going for the wall

wahines getting it on

Lorraine making the best out of  the wave

TinTin not so Terible

a view from the top

men’s longboard: floater by JP

Buji a step closer

Men’s Shortboard: Lui’s floater

Chris charges

the crowd loving the action

and the scores are in


Wahine Longboard

Champion: Lorraine Lapus (black)

2nd: Nikki de la Paz (blue)

3rd: Nicola Sebastian (floral)

4th: Adda Quitlong (gray)


Wahine Shortboard

Champion: Nikki de la Paz (blue)

2nd: Lorraine Lapus (black)

3rd: Tintin Terible (white)

4th: Roxy Roxas (stripes)


Men’s Longboard

Champion: Buji Libarnes (pink)

2nd: JP Sarmiento (orange)

3rd: Lui Tortuya (white)

4th: Tonet Jose (blue)


Men’s Shortboard

Champion: Chris Watkins (white)

2nd: Lui Tortuya (orange)

3rd: JP Sarmiento (blue)

4th: Buji Libarnes (pink)


Mixed Beginners

Champion: Mark Go (violet)

2nd: Lorre Velasco (maroon)

3rd: Bri Leones (green)

4th: Bea Vega (gray)

ASRAI Division

Champion: Yuri Isaguere (orange)

2nd: Jerome Faraon

3rd: Jeric Penaredondo

4th: Neil Sanchez



Comp Directors for MSA: Kage Gozun (white) and Jam Choa (orange)
ASRAI President: Ronald “Naldo” Rojo (yellow)
ASRAI Coordinator/Point Person: Allan Kaltis (blue)

The Siege of Baler was a successful event by the Manila Surfers Association, Aurora Surf Riders Association Inc. and Aloha Board Sports. Along with the support of gracious sponsors, this event will surely be remembered and definitely be awaited for a repeat.  As homage to that eventful day of Filipino resiliency over a century ago, the MSA Siege of Baler is a modern testament of unity in action that will also be embedded in the history books of Philippine surfing.

*many thanks to these photographers for their contributing their awesome photos:

Edward Martinez

Kage Gozun

Bea Vega

Rommel Ross

JP Sarmiento

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