Philippine National Surfing Convention 2010

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Philippine National Surfing Convention 2010

Time has come for the Philippines to become THE next surfing destination. The 1st Philippine National Surfing Convention is planned as an essential means for the Department of Tourism to engage main stakeholders in the Philippine surfing tourism industry in purposeful dialogue and a series of participative activities to attain clearly defined objectives for the advancement of surfing tourism in the country.


• Enhancing the destination appeal and the attraction of surfing tourists, both skilled and learning enthusiasts, through the positioning our surf spots as premier surfing destinations in Asia and of our surfing education standards as excellent learning venues.
• Targeting key consumer market niches to communicate the benefits of Philippine surfing and influence purchasing decisions.
• Supporting surfing sites, schools and resorts to plan effectively for developing the surfing tourism industry, engage in supportive partnerships and prepare resources for marketing pursuits.
• Assisting local government units of surfing destinations, surf schools, resorts, instructors, surf tour operators and other affiliated businesses get and attain the necessary training to put into practice the best business modalities to grow their commercial and professional activities and to get in the loop of supportive business networks.
• Improving product destinations’ growth and progress, the quality and supply of surf tourists’ satisfaction, continuing patronage and endorsement and assist surf schools, tour operators and surfing event organizers reach tourism markets through specifically identified distribution channels.

Sounds like a plan right?

*The convention will take place on November 26, 27 and 28 at the Club Manila East in Taytay. For inquiries please contact Jessica Ann Mancao Magno at 0917-863-5063. Also, please add the Philippine National Surfing Convention fanpage here for more details. Indeed these are exciting times for Philippine Surfing. Be part of it!

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