The Barrelling of Bagasbas

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October 13
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October 29
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The Barrelling of Bagasbas

It was the week where Northern Luzon welcomed the hardest hitting typhoon in recent memory. On the charts, it was also the week where eyeballs popped outta heads looking at the insane Wetsand forecast. And on that fateful day of October the 18th, as the forecast was proven true, the guys behind Slicksurf Skimboards was able to capture photos of zero-cool proportions. It was a big day Daet, overhead waves with a little order of barrels on the side.


that’s right. spray it.

tucking inside

and exiting

Bernie. he also loves to spray.

Duke Pandeagua ends with a BANG!

*Wipes drool. Looking forward to more photos of Bagasbas and all other spots in their grandiose. This is the stuff people needs to see. Thanks TJ of Slicksurf Co. They provide all the stoke you need in Camarines Norte. More pictures and info here on their Facebook page. And if you guys have pictures to share, please do share it. The stoked can be felt online too.

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