lokal music: LOVE IS THE ANSWER by Jeck Pilpil of Peace Pipe

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October 7
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October 26
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lokal music: LOVE IS THE ANSWER by Jeck Pilpil of Peace Pipe

Peace Pipe songs have always reflected the real state of the Philippines and what they say is just about right. From the call for peace of  “Drop Your Gun“, the mockery of the corrupted in “Mr. Politician” and to the realization of freedom in “Kulay ng Kalayaan“, the lyrics therein could very well be the agenda to which would make this a better country. On the other hand, songs such as “Boracay Sunrise“, “Raindance” and “Filipina Island Gal” are heartfelt appreciation of the natural blessings that still makes this country of 7,101 islands a majestic place to live in. For what it’s all about, this is Filipino reggae music. Our reggae music, mighty and sweet.

The band’s vocalist Jeck Pilpil is currently making waves internationally with his tracks being produced by foreign independent record groups. Featured in our very first “lokal music” section is his newest, aptly titled “Love Is the Answer” on I Know Riddim produced by Point 45 Records of Kenya, Africa. Cool eh? Please enjoy.

For more songs add Jeck’s  fan page on Facebook here. It’s great how his music is being heard even in Africa. And local support friends. Let’s keep on sharing and spreading the good word. There are many things that hinder unity and progress and sometimes our efforts are reduced to mere questions and doubt. But yes, love is the answer and love begets the greatest of things.


  1. orena says:

    jeck pilpil and the peacepipe really nailed it!!!:)

  2. lokalsoul says:

    really the best reggae band of the country 🙂

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