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September 7
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September 15
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They had me at Bikini Contest. Go mark your calendars and tell all your friends!

*For booth & tent rentals and other marketing & promo activities, please do get in touch with EVANGELINE DADAT at
Mobile: 0919-561-0705, Landline: 072-700-5780. You may also visit SURFING SAN JUAN on Facebook for more details. See you at the beach!


  1. Any online details about booth & tent rentals and other marketing & promo activities? It seems that there is no online official contact of the organizers. They seem to be reachable only via phone.

  2. lokalsoul says:

    @Ilocos hello. actually i was only contacted thru Facebook regarding the event. you can add the Surfing San Juan page and message Mr Rey Balingit Bonifacio, the creator of the group. He is the one who gave me info. hope that helps 🙂

  3. loryne says:

    @ilocos hi! you may email for additional info at

  4. lindsay de leon says:

    hi!i need to know when is the surf break for this year 2011..tnx

  5. lokalsoul says:

    hmmm there’s no word yet Lindsay. but we’ll keep you posted 🙂

  6. MG says:

    hi!i will be traveling around October to La Union is the surf good then also when will the surf break be this year 2011? I also plan on going to Siargao. I plan on spending 1 week each in La Union and 1 week in Siargao. My trip is planned between 10th and 25th October 2011. Which surfing area should I go to first La union or Siargao. I am a beginner surfer very keen to learn have surfed in Bali once before. Also as a beginner is there any other area better to LEARN or have I choosen the right beaches and I should stick to my plan? I would like to coincide my trip with some SURFING COMPETITION so I can watch and learn… my dates are confirmed!! Also any advice on surf schools which ones are the best and most professional that would help too…

  7. lokalsoul says:

    MG try to go to Siargao on September! there will be lots of competition on Cloud 9 like the Billabong Pro Junior, National and International Cup. Waves will be pumpin! October is a good month of La Union. the spot called Bacnotan is great for beginners. have a local take you there. its only 400 per lesson.

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