lokal diaries: Morning of the Earth

16th Siargao International Surfing Cup and National Surfing Cup 2010
August 23
SIARGAO SURFERS: the lokalsoul interviews (pt 1)
September 3
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lokal diaries: Morning of the Earth

Morning of the Earth is a surf film made in the 70’s. This classic film is always on the list of the best surf films of all time and has been even described to be greater than any other surf film ever made, including the Endless Summer. Aside from the gorgeous footage of the waves in Bali, Hawaii and Australia, Morning of the Earth captured the spiritual link between Nature and soul surfing. Far from the “moderness” of what we have now. The film also has an awesome soundtrack. Ok. I really don’t have much words to describe what I saw,  but all I can say is that the film really connected to me. I’m pretty sure it will also have the same effect to anyone.

download Morning of the Earth here.

*I owe Jason Amatorio of Baler a lot. If he hadn’t had the urge to still drive his tricycle back to town to get his old portable dvd and show us this film, I probably wouldn’t even be downloading this today. In my opinion, he showed me the best surf film of all time and I forever grateful for it.

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