the Mad Kahuna Surf Shop

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the Mad Kahuna Surf Shop

The Mad Kahuna logo can be seen on posters of countless events that range from surfing to skimboarding, from clothing to music. It certainly has a presence in the local scene. But more than just the advertising that sponsorship brings, it is the undying support of Mad Kahuna that can truly, truly be felt. This humble shop helps in any way they can to support the community. And by literally using their own hands, from printing rash guards to repairing worn out surfboards, their business transcends to something more than just mere business. It becomes an advocacy.

We were recently in Cubao Expo and we dropped by Mad Kahuna. Let’s take a look of what’s inside the shop.

busy night at the shop. on the extreme right is Bon, one of the people behind the shop.

a surfer looking for a boardbag

Bon helping the customer out

this should fit quite right


rasta Jaromanoy skimboards

Mojo Sandals

wax in wax out

Zinka for your nose

the awesome SPROUT magazine

rashguards, boardshorts, bikinis

hemp is very useful in many ways you can imagine

a surf magazine. one day and that day may never come, lokalsoul will be a real magazine.

What’s in the name?

There’s something about “Kahuna” that made us want to name our store after this badass Hawaiian word. In ancient hawaii, it used to mean “Healers, sorcerers, wizards magicians, or experts in the cultural and different practices like in medical field, crafts etc. ( as taken from wikipedia) the pinoy counterpart for our own albularyo. Later on as the Hawaiian Culture progressed and more pop culture has been injected to their Surfing culture through Various 50’s movies, the term kahuna is now being used to refer to the Surfing masters.

As good as the name, Mad Kahuna strives hard to stand as a one stop surf and sporting goods shop, catering not only to water sports enthusiasts but also to the rest of those who are into the active outdoors such as mountaineering, etc

featured is Krick, the awesome woman behind the Mad Kahuna

Established by a very simple woman who only dreams to share what she loves to do, with making friends in mind and not just doing business, Krick decided to put up a store where people can drop by and check out her goods posted online, real time. Though young and budding, Krick’s Mad Kahuna shop is starting to gain friends and spread its goal of reaching to as many sports fan as possible through their affordable and high quality goods.

-taken from


And that’s Mad Kahuna for you. A thriving surf and outdoor shop that caters to the lokal soul. Drop by Mad Kahuna if you can, but better contact them in advance to better accommodate your needs. The shop is located on the 2nd floor of a unit that’s on the same side as Mogwai and Heima. I forgot the name of the photography/art studio but if you see a shop with huge pictures and paintings, just go in and go up the stairs. Visit their online store at

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