Charlie’s Point, Baler – More Than Just A Hollywood Setting

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Charlie’s Point, Baler – More Than Just A Hollywood Setting

Yes, we all know how the movie Apocalypse Now played a role in catapulting this serene Baler beach to fame. As a matter of fact, it’s been mentioned in every Charlie’s Point write-up imaginable, including here. From the scene where Robert Duvall utters the famous line “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”, Charlie’s Point has always had to live with the shadow of Francis Ford Coppola’s famous film looming behind it. But that shouldn’t be the selling point of this beach. There’s a lot more than just being in a hit movie that has helped Charlie’s Point be one of the most recognizable beaches in Baler, Aurora.

Called “kagewad” by the local townsfolk, Charlie’s Point is located at Barangay Reserva which is just a tricycle away from the town proper of Baler. This surf spot is walking distance from Sabang beach and the waves here are generally bigger. But what’s considered to be the selling point of this spot, aside from the right and left, medium to big break, is the fact that it is almost empty during normal days. Aside from a few locals, the waves are only shared with surfers who know where to go if it gets crowded in the main areas like Sabang. The beach sports a sandy bottom that serves as a cushion for surfers in case of a nasty wipeout. So if you’re worried about reefs or corals causing permanent damage, rest easy. The beach’s sandy bottom has got your back.

Now when is the best time to actually go to Charlie’s Point? Well, if you’re looking for those humongous waves, you’ll need to settle in between the months of October to February. Any other period will probably give you a nice wave or two, but nothing as good as what these months have to offer.

Charlie’s Point is indeed popularized by a famous film and people are eternally curious about it. But since then it now has been a haven for surfers not just in Baler, but from all over the country. It is more than just a Hollywood setting, and a visit or a surf session will certainly prove that out.


  1. mark occy says:

    ung last pic. hindi n charlie’s point yon, cobra reef yon

  2. lokalsoul says:

    salamat pake. pag may bagong pic sa Charlie’s Point palitan ko :p

  3. […] Is the film true and honest? It does present a very plausible origin of Baler surfing. Nevertheless Three Foot Charlie is a must see for all Filipino surfers. Stories such as this are forever part of Philippine Surfing and so must be told again and again. Read more about Charlie’s Point here. […]

  4. jun says:

    pwedeng malaman kung saan galing yung picture na na post sa google? yung kagewad?

  5. lokalsoul says:

    jun nakita ko lang sya online, hindi ko na maalala kung saan.

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