Surfing in La Union: How to Get There

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Getting to La Union couldn’t be any easier. Take a bus, sleep awhile, have a couple of stopovers in Tarlac and Pangasinan and get off the bus at San Juan where you can actually hear the waves crashing the moment you step down. It only takes about 6 – 7 hours depending whether you leave by night or by day, by bus or by car.

Going by BUS transport:

Partas Transport in Cubao offers 24/7 operation with hourly trips to Laoag, the province way way up North. The bus goes thru main MacArthur highway and just go tell the bus conductor to be dropped off at Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union. The fare costs about P380 pesos. Better to take a night trip so as to arrive early.

Another option is to take a direct trip to San Fernando, the capital city of La Union. From there, just take a jeepney to get to San Juan which is basically just minutes away from the capital. Below is a list of bus transports from Manila to San Fernando:

1. Autobus Transport Systems Incorporated
Location: Dimasalang Street Cnr. Laong Laan Street, Sampaloc, Manila
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 735 8098

2. Dominion Transit
Location: New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City
San Fernando City Bus Terminal: Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City
Telephone Numbers:

3. Farinas Transit Company
Location: Laong Laan cnr and M dela Fuente Streets, Sampaloc, Manila
Telephone Numbers: + 63 2 731 4507, + 63 2 731 4375, + 63 2 743 8580

4. Franco Frederico Lines
Location: Sampaloc Manila.
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 731 4473, +63 2 731 2584

5. Genesis Bus Lines
Location: Avenida, Rizal, Manila
San Fernando City Bus Terminal: Carlatan, San Fernando City

6. Maria de Leon Transit
Location: Corner Gelinos and Dapitan Streets, Sampaloc, Manila.
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 731 4907

7. Martinez Trans
Location: Cubao, Quezon City

8. Partas Transportation Company Incorporated
Location: 816 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 725 7303, +63 2 724 9820
San Fernando City Bus Terminal: Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City
Telephone Numbers: +63 72 242 0465

9. Philippine Rabbit Business Lines Incorporated
Location: Edsa, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 734 9836, +63 2 734 9838

10. RCJ Transit
Location: 1558 España, Sampaloc, Manila
Telephone +63 2 741 2994

11. Viron Transportation Company Incorporated
Location: Corner 1209 Blumentritt and Dapitan Streets, Sampaloc, Manila.
Telephone Numbers: +63 2 741 6588
San Fernando City Bus Terminal: Lingsat, San Fernando City: Telephone Numbers: +63 72 888 2089


Going by private vehicle:

Take the NLEX and follow this main route:  Sta. Ines -> Bamban-> Tarlac->Urdaneta->Pangasinan->Damortis-> Agoo-Aaringgay->Caba->Bauang, La Union->San Fernando, La Union

One can also go thru the SCTEX and exit at Tarlac.


So what are you waiting for? Pack your things, take the bus and go surfing LU!

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16 Responses

  1. ely cresencio says:

    The conductors of Partas will actually wake you up (if you ask them to) when you reach the surfing area, so you need not worry about over-sleeping and ending way past your destination. Tell them to wake you up at Sebay, a surf resort and restaurant in the area. Sebay is popular with conductors because its one of the places where buses used to stop for break. Other bus companies do not provide the same wake-up service so you have to be on guard – its hard to get a ride at 3am (so you may not also want to ride up to San Fernando City ONLY if you’re arriving in the wee hours of the morning). In one instance when the conductor of Partas forgot to wake me up, he flagged down a Manila-bound Partas bus and I rode back to Sebay for free – a service you can’t expect from other bus companies with just a few buses plying the route. Not only has Partas the most number of buses (many are new), their employees are also the most adept in handling your surfboards. You can even leave your surfboard at Partas terminal in Cubao when you arrive from La Union, then you can fetch it later in the day when you have your car (9-footer doesn’t fit any taxi; soft-racks are useless because of the taxi top light).

    You can also get a ride back to Manila right in front of Sebay.

  2. lokalsoul says:

    cool. so you really can sleep all the way to LU :)

  3. Ed says:

    hi lokalsoul!

    Keep up the good work! These information is very helpful.
    I’m a travel blogger and La Union is one of the many destinations I want to go so I can learn how to surf. I’ve been to Siargao once but I wasn’t really able to surf, I was able to hop on the board once; the rest of the time, I kept on falling.

    Saw your blog site in the comments section of the Wordcamp Philippines blog. Hope to see you on October! More power to this blog! Will definitely be back! :)

  4. lokalsoul says:

    @Ed hey thanks a lot dude. got a nice travel blog there as well. if ever you journey into la union, hit me up man. let’s go surfing!

  5. wig says:

    is december a good season to surf? what hotels would you recommend that is near the surfing area. thanks

  6. ShaneNK says:

    Sweet tips about partas buses i be up there soon to boogie the beachbreaks of San Juan

  7. lokalsoul says:

    yes december is a good season. just check for swell reports. or maybe send us a message in facebook and we’ll check it out. as for hotels, the beach is lined-up with good accomodations. from the Surf Camp, Little Surfmaid, Sea Nymph, there are a lot to choose from :)

  8. lokalsoul says:

    thanks @Shane. haha boogie ftw!

  9. cristina javeloza says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if you have contact numbers of resorts offering surfing lessons in La Union. :) We are planning to have a organization surfing activity. this will be a great help. Thank you so much!

  10. lokalsoul says:

    hmmm. i dont think i have one @Cristina. but usually they’re just there everyday. so just show up then they’re ready to teach :)

  11. Hi says:

    would you happen to know how to go there from Baguio? and the bus fare? We plan to make San Juan as our sidetrip after we climb Mt. Ugo at the ned of the month, tnx

  12. Ja says:

    Great article! This a big help!

  13. Marx says:

    We’ll be surfing in la union on Oct 26! :D

  14. lokalsoul says:

    see you there!

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