Sabang Beach, Baler: Be Here Now

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Sabang Beach, Baler: Be Here Now

A tricycle ride from the bus terminal at Baler, Sabang Beach stands out thanks to its distinct long stretch of sandy shoreline. But a stark difference from other beaches in the Philippines, is that Sabang offers the surfing community the glassy waves they yearn for. This normally occurs during the months of October to February, or whenever the Pacific swell is hurling down on Aurora’s waters. During this period, surfers – both beginners and veterans alike – can expect waves that they can ride on all day long. And the best part is that even if you fall off your board, you won’t have to worry about being battered and bruised by rocks from underneath. That’s because the beach is sandy-bottomed. That’s good news, unless you’re the type that enjoys getting and showing off battle scars.

Because the beach is a public place, you must be wondering, where do surfers go to surf in peace? After all, you wouldn’t want to end up crashing your board into some poor dude’s head, right? Well truthfully, Sabang is so long that it cannot be crowded by visitors and tourists put together. Waves bound aplenty and in just a few distance from the main Sabang beach front, are 3 other surf spots that can basically accommodate surfer’s all day long. Go ask the locals about Charlie’s Point, Lindy’s Point and Cemento aka Cobra Reef and you will not be disappointed. We’ll tell you more about those surf spots in our coming articles.

Sabang is also home to surfing tournaments such as the famed Aurora Surfing Cup and the very popular Baler Beginner’s Surf Competition which yours truly was a part of. This would be the time where people all of ages flock to the beach to watch the exciting events that their town is increasingly being known for. Now if your surfing skills aren’t exactly the competitive type or you honestly haven’t surfed before, then don’t limit yourself as an onlooker. You’d gladly thank yourself for taking lessons at 2 of the best surf schools this side of the country. One cannot miss the Mahdox Surf Shop and the Aliya Surf Camp. Their surf instructors are the friendliest crew of surfers that know Baler surfing best. They’ll get you up to your feet surfing Sabang waves in no time. More details on the surf schools soon.

Increasingly, Sabang Beach is becoming or has become Baler’s pride alongside the town’s rich and colorful history. And it seems that in every new visitor dropping of the bus, more and more people are telling wonderful stories about it. There is something undeniably special about Baler, and it’s waiting for you to find it out.

*pics from our facebook friends: Eroll de Belen, Agos Pilipinas and Batang Baler.


  1. ely cresencio says:

    Baler is a one of the best surfing destinations for Manila surfers. But its less accessible than the other breaks because of 2 things: 1. road; and 2. bus schedule. The buses leave Manila and Baler early in the morning every day arriving at the destination at about 2pm of the same day. If one has a 2-day weekend (as most of us do), taking the bus is out of the question since one will be spending the whole morning of those 2 days in the bus. The only alternative is to bring a car, which not every surfer has, let alone a 4×4 which is a must due to the condition of the road. While we cannot do anything about the road (we can always write the government officials, but I’m sure it’ll take more than that), we can do something about the bus schedule: let us request Genesis to schedule buses on the evening so we can do what most surfers do in going to La Union: leave Manila on Friday night, sleep at the bus, surf the whole Saturday and Sunday, leave for Manila early evening of Sunday and arrive in the wee hours of Monday just in time to catch a few hours more of sleep until going to work. I have requested Genesis in writing of this. But if more of us will write, perhaps, it will find that the schedule is pofitable and yield to our request.

  2. lokalsoul says:


    yeah same sentiments exactly. 1. the Road = although some parts have been reconstructed and some being developed right now, it’s not really a smooth ride all the way to Baler. also, some report that their vehicles went through much torture after arriving back from the trip. the best way really is by bus, w/c brings us to 2. Bus schedule = buses to Daet has night skeds too w/c makes more it more ideal for a weekend trip versus Baler. why won’t Genesis do the same for trips up North?

    Thanks for the initiative sir Ely. Yes, we’ll also write and get in touch with Genesis about that. Hopefully they’ll listen and open a night sked. This will be awesome for everyone!

  3. ryan m. bautista says:

    Sir Ely,

    Actually the local association of surfers here in baler (Aurora Surf Riders Association Inc.) had a proposal regarding the night trip of their buses to Genesis Transport with the help of Sen. Edgardo Angara because we do understand that for some surfers working at manila needs to maximize their time of stay and surfin here in baler but I think it doesn’t really matter on how do you get here, because if you are searching for a perfect wave in the perfect time you don’t need to wait for that night trip we are all dreaming of.take the plan B. get a ride at any buses from manila going to cabanatuan then take a van from cabanatuan to baler if you prefer traveling at night.

    Wax your board
    Paddle out

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  5. […] surf session will be complete without a stop at the Rolling Store. Only a P10 tricycle ride from Sabang Beach, this is where surfers everybody goes to fill their grumbling stomachs. 24/7 and always delicious, […]

  6. the Surf Doc says:

    I really hope the night bus trip works out. Genesis offers a luxury bus at more of a premium for 500 pesos and it offers a bit more comfort. Like what Atty Ely and others have chimed in, the present schedule does not offer an advantage to what may possibly Baler’s largest tourism demographic, let alone backpackers or visiting surfers.

    A 10pm bus would allow commuters the option of a maximized weekend vacation for commuters. I would hate that for the local tourism of the region to suffer merely due to poorly planned bus timetables.

    happy surfing…

  7. lokalsoul says:

    surely hope the night trip does come to fruition soon. also, the bus ride home isn’t really that comfortable either. the last bus leaves at 3pm. why not make later like 6 or 7pm right? surfers and tourists could surely maximize their day better this way.

    thanks for stopping by Surf Doc!

  8. […] Mahdox Surf School, one of the best surf schools in Baler with the finest instructors to boast. The Sabang beach break is perhaps one of the best places to try surfing and believe me, you will never forget your first […]

  9. edlim says:

    Ely is there any way around to reach baler aside from cabanatuan?

  10. cien says:

    It’s nice to be there so soon, a great place!

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